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Hello, Fellow Fashion Loving Ladies!!

My name is Tara.  I am a tricontinental resident of both South Africa, Canada & the USA, who is an authentic creative at heart.  Whether its fashion, interior, graphic, or floral design, it's all my happy place.  

Under the moniker "The Boujee Broad", I get to set my creativity and passion for luxury fashion completely free.  It brings my soul joy to create iconic looks for those of us who prefer to shop the highest quality of relatively budget-friendly alternatives. 

Spending $3000 - $30,000 per handbag when you have a mortage, children to raise, college tuition to pay for, or a regular transatlantic schedule and a global lifestyle like me, is not always realistic.  So if you feel the same, my curated collection of "super" sources is for us!

Under the SHOP tab, you'll see a full list of my fashion forward finds sourced from either my network of trusted personal shoppers or some high-end DH storefronts, as well as an access portal to my private personal shopping and styling services for full head-to-toe assistance. 

I hope you enjoy the fits and finds as much as I do. 


Love, T

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