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The Secret Is Out!!!

The cat is now officially out of the bag and I finally ripped off the band-aid.  The secret that I kept for so long and initially reserved for existing clients only is that SHUSH SELLS TOP QUALITY HANDBAGS!!!!  


Yes, I am also a "personal shopper" but it's been discovered that many other sources have extremely large mark-ups of 30-100%, which makes my prices that are only subject to the luxury-based industry standard 10% sourcing fee, often times substantially lower than high end sellers on the same exact merchandise (same factory stock images).

So if you like the idea of looking boujee for even less than before, I got you!

(Please Read Carefully)


Please be advised that handbags are top quality but 100% replication of the authentic is not guaranteed.  All are genuine leather and made with top quality materials, but there can be minor differences even at the highest quality level. Prices quoted are inclusive of shipping, but subject to an additional CHN-based 6% tax and a standard 10% personal shopping service fee. Please be patient during the order process. There may be delays in correspondence as we navigate across many time zones.  All sales will be final with no returns or refunds provided or offered once your pre-shipment video has been approved and your item has been shipped, due to the elaborate and sensitive nature of the overseas manufacturing and shipping processes. I advocate for my clients wholeheartedly and sincerely do my very best to rectify any issues that may arise, but ultimately do not set factory policy and only function in a third party personal shopper capacity.

Fashion Rail


Send Your Sourcing Request - OR - Screenshot An Album Selection

By popular request, I am attempting to offer albums that you can browse once again.  However, please note that they are not always quickly updated with the latest releases so they are not an exhaustive representation of the full inventory.  You can still send special request screenshots of any request you may have, whether it be from my albums, the official brand website, or an Instagram page (limit of 3 requests at a time, non-vintage items, and serious/immediate inquiries only please). I would be happy to provide you with the best possible price via an informal quotation and send additional pictures for your consideration


Settle Your Invoice, QC Pre-Shipment Video & Receive Your Package

Once we reach an accord and you decide to proceed, I will provide an invoice for you to settle via CashApp, Zelle, Wise, Apple Pay or PayPal Friends & Family (PayPal is for International Orders only and is not fully refundable due to PayPal fees charged, Wise is preferred). A pre-shipment video will be provided for your approval before shipping. Upon your confirmation, you order will then be submitted for shipping immediately, with the shipping timeline being dependent upon the items projected availability and the courier service's independent policies.  I will stay in touch with you and provide updates as I receive them, and eventually have tracking information for you once a label has been created.

There are now two albums because I have expanded my network to include more facilities and a second agent. Prices will vary between the two albums due to the shipping method employed.  Album #1 is EXPRESS shipping service, Album #2 is STANDARD shipping service. (delivery speed will affect the price)


Copy of Women’s shoes 1 - 4.PNG
Copy of Women’s shoes 1 - 5.PNG

Happy Shopping!

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