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DHGate Recommendations

Here's the tea on the big D!!!  I'm actually not a hater.  I did get my start in this genre by becoming an affiliate.  But it did not take me long to realize that the majority of storefronts offer very subpar quality...and once you discover "mirror", you just naturally tend to steer clear of the lesser quality options.  At this stage, and as a lifelong creative/designer myself, I simply prefer to source from the higher end IG sellers, or do the significantly cost-saving leg work myself which I now offer to my followers as well through Shush, my personal shopping service.

However, I do understand the appeal of sourcing through a global e-commerce platform, especially for first timers as it offers a sense of greater security, if you do not mind spending more money than necessary.  So in efforts to assist at all comfort levels, here are my only trusted storefronts for top tier caliber goods:


There is no way to link a storefront directly, so I simply linked one of their top selling items in order to get you there.  Scroll down the listing until you reach the store name.  Click on it to access the full storefront and its published inventory.

These are affiliate links, so I will receive a very small 3% commission from any purchases made.  With that said, to support my ongoing efforts to both review and source items directly for my social media platforms, please consider using these links below as an access point any time you intend to shop the platform.  It adds nothing extra to your costs but it does support my continued work. Thank you!

P.S.  If you're interested in getting started as an affiliate yourself, from DH to Superfakes, I am happy to mentor:


I am also happy to source specific items for you by request.  If you are looking for something special (whether it be a handbag, shoes, sunglasses, clothing, etc..), please message me a picture of your desired item on WhatsApp.  I can either assist you directly through my Shush personal shopping service (absolute best price) or I will have a DH listing created for you by my recommended high quality partners, if that is your preference.

Happy Shopping!

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